Our Story

Welcome to Kalashailee.

Kalashailee, a brand of Indian values, is made exclusively for traditional, but fashionable handloom sarees. We are made completely in India from thought to creation.

Kalashailee, a homegrown brand, was founded in Jan 2021 with a vision to take Indian fashion back to our country's cultural and sartorial roots and celebrate the finesse of Indian artisans.

With sustainability at heart and versatility in mind, Kalashailee aims to provide every woman access to a mesmerizing mix of tradition, culture, design, fashion, and art woven into every Saree.

Kalashailee is dedicated to recognizing and showcasing the value of diverse Indian textiles. They carefully choose the best weavers from all over India for their unique art of weaving, dyeing, and printing. Our timeless pieces combine traditional techniques with modern color palettes, staying ahead of the fashion curve. By doing so, Kalashailee helps promote the recognition and appreciation of Indian textiles on a national and international level.

Our dedication and commitment to providing the best products to our customers have made us a people’s favorite. We match our quality with the best prices and ensure our customers have a safe and smooth shopping experience with us.

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